A long history
of entrepreneurship
of a close-knit family

The company was born in 2008, when the family tradition in the art of printing inspired a new project which took the name of “MAF”.
The consolidated family expertise, the synergy of our team and the natural propension to continuous innovation led our company through a long business path, which made it possible to provide typography, advice and design of customized packaging services, always with a look to the future.
The products designed and realized in MAF match the highest qualitative standards.
The raw materials used are CFS certified; this means that they derive from forests which are correctly managed in compliance with the environmental sustainability principles.
Moreover, MAF has got important certifications, such as the ISO 9001, orientated to quality, the ISO 14001, to monitor the environmental impact of the company, and the ISO 45001, for the compliance with the international standards on safety and security of workers.

MAF Certificates

The production site, all the plans and processes are certified as for MAF it is crucial to take care of the people and of the environment. The certifications represent a further warranty for the client, being an important tool that helps the company to comply with the international standards of quality, safety and environmental sustainability.
The ISO 9001 Certification guarantees the commitment of the company to client satisfaction, while always improving the business performances, in the maintenance and in the improvement over time of the quality of its own goods and services.
The ISO 14001 Certification establishes the compliance with the international standards concerning the environmental management, necessary to keep under control the impact of its own production activity on the environment.
The ISO 45001 Certification witnesses the commitment to keeping the requirements for the Work Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) valid, to monitoring the risks of OSH and to improving its performances.

MAF for the circular economy

The circular economy aims at the reconsideration of the traditional linear economy (production-consumption-disposal), following a transformation process during which the resource is recycled and/or re-sent to the production chain: from the fixing to the recovery and to the return to the origin of the chain.
At MAF the waste material generated by the production processes is withdrawn and reprocessed to be reintroduced in production processes with huge ecological and economic benefits. In fact, recycling means saving energy, improving the qualitative status of the air and, at the same time, avoiding waste.

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