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Packaging solutions

Advice, customization and efficiency

A more efficient packaging solution is not only an important support which allows to protect, present and emphasize products and services, favoring the success of one’s own communication project, but it is also an opportunity to communicate directly with the consumers who are buying or considering to buy the products. MAF offers the most advanced interaction technologies between the physical world and the digital communication, to connect the brands with their customers: MAF’s “connected packaging” is the most efficient marketing tool, able to create and explore the relation with the clients, promote services and favor incremental sales.

Offset and digital printing

High resolution for high performances

In the communication process it is essential to rely on a high quality printing process in order to provide a clear and powerful message. MAF is able to produce both with either offset and digital printing.
The offset printing is among the most popular technique in the graphic and typographical arts, thanks to its high definition. Moreover, it is perfect to realize clipboards, expositors and other paper and carboard products. The digital printing perfectly fits with the maximum customization and flexibility, without compromising the quality of the product, whatever the thickness of the paper is. Furthermore, the digital printing with variable data is ideal to customize a message with numbers, barcodes, addresses, images or other data.

Large format printing

A great message needs great support

Large format printing is the strategy used to give maximum visibility to brands, events and advertising campaigns in a rapid and efficient way. For some projects, it is necessary to have an impactful result and the right tool to convey the message loud and clear, without giving up bright colors and sharp images is the large format printing. Thanks to the supports, the high quality finishes and the most updated technologies, we are able to realize large format printings on banners, billboards, roll-ups, stickers and other materials.

Cartolinea ®

Innovative solutions for dynamic realities

Cartolinea® has been specifically designed for companies looking for communication tools enabling to reach their business goals in a more original and efficient way.
Cartolinea® includes patented customizable finishing solutions, making it possible to work paper and cardboards with thick inserts, functional for the dispatch of physical messages, through mail or direct delivery. It is a cardboard pack that gives several possibilities of using multimedia or multi-channel contents.
Thanks to the application of personal codes, QR-codes and personal URLs, Cartolinea products activate a circuit of integrated communication that can interact with mobile phones, computers or other digital devices. The pack can also include thickened gadgets or product samples and is entirely customizable in order to adapt to the client’s buying habits.

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